Quantumz.io (aka QMZ.AI) facilitates the transition from classical to quantum computing through the use of physics-inspired and hybrid algorithms.

Experience veloxQ™: Our physics-inspired optimization engine designed to solve large-scale problems in your business.

Optimize with precision, right now!


Synergistic solutions with classical advanced heuristics and quantum algorithms for unmatched problem-solving


Future-proof your computations as veloxQ™ can be easily integrated with different quantum hardware providers


Empowered by physical phenomena, our algorithms are inspired by Nature and tailored for tomorrow.

Solve combinatorial optimization problems faster and with better accuracy

Portfolio optimization, option pricing, market simulations, and fraud detection - vast datasets can be processed swiftly, supporting asset management, ensuring precise option valuations, and providing various optimizations.

Route optimization, fleet management, inventory forecasting, and supply chain resilience, processes extensive logistics data rapidly, enhancing real-time decision-making for optimal route planning, precise inventory levels, and robust supply chain operations.

Drug discovery, patient data analysis, treatment customization, and resource management - advanced computing streamlines healthcare processes, enabling faster drug development, detailed patient insights, and optimized resource allocation.

By optimizing seismic data analysis and improving operational efficiencies, find more effective resource management and decision-making, leading to safer and more sustainable extraction processes.

Accelerate material innovation and analysis, enabling the rapid discovery and characterization of new materials, quantum computing assists in developing materials with optimized properties that are crucial for high-performance applications across aerospace, electronics, and automotive industries.

Quantum and hybrid computing can improves the detection and analysis of potential threats, strengthens cybersecurity measures, and supports the development of more robust defense systems.

Boost network optimization and data traffic management within the telecommunications sector. Enhance service quality by ensuring efficient data flow and reducing bottlenecks, leading to better network reliability and customer satisfaction.

How it works

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    Provide input problem

    Our solution is based on so-called QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) models and Ising models that are ideal for quantum-readiness, as they seamlessly align with the capabilities of quantum computers.
    These models can utilize quantum computing's parallel processing strength. This compatibility positions those models as a key tool for transitioning into the era of quantum computing, particularly in optimization-intensive sectors. Our algorithms use those models also on classical architecture to allow for seamless transition.

  • 02

    Run optimization job in a hybrid manner

    Use our veloxQ platform or REST API to run optimization jobs. You can do this in cloud backends or on dedicated on-premise servers. Quantum computing involves probabilistic results for large-scale data. Classical computers can manage the overall workflow (pre-processing, decomposition, mid-processing, post-processing) of the quantum-realm results. They can also handle tasks requiring deterministic processing and high precision.

    This division of labor allows for more efficient problem-solving, combining the quantum computer's speed in certain calculations with the classical computer's versatility and accuracy.

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    Get results

    You have the power to receive results as you desire. You can configure the job to deliver a solution within a specific timeframe, or wait for optimal or sub-optimal solutions. Depending on your constraints, you can also receive a set of solutions.

Pay as you want



Usage-based billing


  • VeloxQ solver with unlimited problem size
  • Unlimited daily jobs
  • 1 GB of free storage
  • Cloud backends
  • Priority jobs
  • On premise high-end backends (powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU)
  • PieQ: Problem Instance and Solution explorer
  • Dedicated support
Best choice


Monthly subscription



  • Everything from "TOP-UP"
  • Priority jobs
  • 5 TB of free storage
  • Hybrid-solver package
  • Additional metaheuristics package
  • On premise high-end backends (powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs)
  • PieQ: Problem Instance and Solution explorer
  • Dedicated support
  • New experimental features


One monthly flat fee

  • Everything from "PREMIUM"
  • Exclusive backend access
  • Highest priority jobs
  • Unlimited storage
  • On premise high-end backends and HPC clusters
  • Mathematical modelling service included
  • Problem specific fine-tuning package
  • Dedicated support
  • New experimental features